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Our cows are raised in a natural, low stress environment.  They are allowed to range free on the grasses we have here at the farm, and given a plant based grain that has no animal remnants in the proteins.  We fully believe that the old way is the best way to raise our beef. 

Most commercial beef is wet-aged.  Our processor dry-ages for 14 days, which provides for the best flavor.   The process is inspected and certified by the USDA, and allows the consumer to have full confidence in the food product that they are purchasing for their families. 


Several years ago we felt the need to return to the old ways of eating.  This included raising our own vegetables, grinding wheat for flour, and trying to stop the intake of processed foods.  Through much thought and prayer, we felt it necessary to begin raising our own beef and Angels Rest Angus Farm was born.

The health benefits from grass fed beef are backed through Biblical principal, and proven by modern science.  The fat content is less and there are NO hormones or antibiotics introduced into the herd. 

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