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Commercial beef is just like everything else in today's society, it is mass produced.  The animal, at around 6 months of age, is loaded and travels across the country to be "fed out" in a feed lot, then processed and shipped in just a few weeks after arrival.  During this time the animals are fed growth hormones and given antibiotics. 

Our beef is born on our farm, transported to a local USDA certified processor, aged 21 days, vacuum sealed, and then transported back to our farm by us in a freezer, and kept frozen for your consumption. 

On the average, our steers are grown out over a two and one half (2.5) year time frame, until they have naturally reached the optimum weight.

We provide local delivery to Madison County residents for no charge.   Outside of Madison County, we can arrange for a scheduled delivery, with a calculated mileage rate.  In either case, we transport your beef in a freezer to maintain it's temperature at all times.

The importance of a self sustainable farm is the basis of our business.  If we are not good stewards of our grass and animals, then we cannot provide a quality product for our consumptions, as well as yours.

Our cows free graze on an intentional variety of grasses, then are supplemented during the winter with a quality locally-grown hay. 

Our animals are vaccinated, and wormed for various parasites that cattle experience, as this is necessary for the health of the animal. 


To God be the glory!  

May we be good stewards of this wonderful gift He has so richly given. 

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